9 dec. 2019             Prof. Dr. Harold W. de Wijn
We hebben genoten van uw lezing.

17 nov. 2019          Noël Kees, Vereniging Nederland-Noorwegen
Hartelijk dank voor de presentatie. We hebben er van genoten. Door goede onderwerpen en een uitgebreide presentatie lukt het ons om mensen te trekken. 

11 nov. 2017    Inge van Gemert (voorzitter), Scandinavische Vereniging Twente
De zaal zat gisteravond vol belangstellenden voor je lezing over Maihaugen. Maihaugen – voor degenen die niet eerder daar geweest zijn – een bezoek waard. In het bijzonder door je interessante verhalen bij het beeldmateriaal. Jeannet, nogmaals ons aller dank en heel graag tot ziens.

Febr. 2016       Håvard Osland (Deaconal Worker), The Norwegian Church Abroad
Jeannet’s creative and professional approach to any task has always impressed me, and also made me strive to do a better job. She delivers on her promises and always do so with a smile and good portion of humor.

19 apr. 2013    Per-Gustav Lyngås (consulent diverse bedrijven)
I just like to say thank you for a great tour Wednesday this week in Amsterdam. Everybody enjoyed a great trip with the bus as well as the canal tour and the Tulips !!! Jeanette made a fantastic job to us – she is so informative and knowledgeable!!! She made us so happy during that day and I recommend that you present her to anybody asking for guidance , and especially in Norwegian this was quite a positive experience !! She made our day PERFECT!

18 okt. 2012    Mari-Anne Robberstad (Senior Manager), VIA Egencia Group & Meeting
With my colleagues I visited Amsterdam and had the pleasure to do that by bike and with Jeannet as a guide. She took us to historical monuments, through surprisingly quiet alleys and by local hotspots. Safely and attentive, with humor and countless anecdotes, she made our trip unforgettable. I therefore warmly recommend Jeannet as a guide for your visit to Amsterdam and the Netherlands.